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Whole Nine Yards

Windows Tune-up and Speed-up

We will perform the following services on your PC to give it a complete cleanup and tuneup. We call this process "The Whole Nine Yards" because we simply do everything possible to wipe out any and all problems and improve the speed and efficiency of your PC:

  • Eliminate unnecessary programs from running during startup.
  • Remove malware to make your PC fixable and manageable.
  • Install malware removers to eliminate annoying pop-ups and spyware.
  • Install anti-virus software.
  • Scan, detect and remove all viruses and spyware from your PC.
  • Detect and correct internal Windows errors.
  • Detect, fix and eliminate browser hijack agents (This is not easy and it is not automatic.)
  • Install latest Adobe to read PDF files.
  • Install all available Windows updates.
  • Eliminate unnecessary temporary files to free up wasted space on your hard drive.
  • Scan and test hard drive integrity (If time allows and only if necessary).
  • De-fragment hard drive file structure to improve large file read/write speed if needed.
  • Inspect cooling system & dust accumulation inside PC. Clean if needed.
  • Get rid of application software that is known to have been installed without user's consent.

Charges on this service are $80/hr and are capped at 2.5 hours (when performed in-shop), even though actual machine time may run much longer. Any additional charges (i.e. hardware problems) will be explained to you in advance.

When you come to pick up your computer, we will spend 10 minutes going over what we found and providing you with instructions on how to keep your PC clean in the future.

A follow up visit within 1 month does not take long and costs $80 or less.

Your duty to get rework discount:

  • Update MalwareByte Free daily.
  • Update SuperAntiSpyware, Sybot & Windows weekly.
  • Check for (and install) Windows updates weekly.
  • If computer feel sick, update & run all tools, before bring it in.
  • Always update, don't Upgrade (pay now), no Free-trails (pay later).

NOTE: Failure to perform the above steps after a "Whole Nine Yards" service may void the reduced rates for timely return services.


Do-It-Yourself Protection

Since the downloads to these tools are often faked and infect your PC we are providing links to the official downloads. These programs are your first line of defense. For any remaining problems, bring your PC to us (or we can come to you) for a more thorough cleaning.

Avast FREE Anti-virus
(Opens in new window)
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
FREE Edition
FREE Edition

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