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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we fix computers?
A: Yes! We have full-time technicians that fix software and hardware problems for any brand, make, or model of computer. See our Service Rates page for details.

Q: What do you need to bring for us to work on your computer?
A: All you need to bring is your tower. Leave your power cords, mouse, and keyboard at home.

Q: Can you get an estimate?
A: For $40 (half hour shop time) our technician can get an estimate for you based on a half hour or observation.

Q: Do we sell computers?
A: Yes! See our Custom PC or Laptops page for details.

Q: Why should you buy our computers? Why not Dell/Aus/HP etc?
A: First of all, our Custom PCs are cheaper by comparison than their big-name company counterparts. For instance, compare the price of one of our PCs to a similar Dell using their online PC builder. Also, our tech support is local with a shop to actually fix your PC. We save you the frustration of phone support that almost never works and the hassle of sending the PC back to the company to get it fixed. Also, our parts are Open parts, which are easier to work on, cheaper to fix or replace, and faster to replace because we keep these parts in stock.

Q: Do we take care of spies, pop-ups, hijackers, viruses, etc?
A: Yes! Such jobs usually take 5-8 hours, but we cap labor at 2.5 hours ($200). For that you'll get the Whole Nine Yards, which includes a PC tune-up and a debriefing!

Q: Do we build laptops?
A: No, but we sell new and factory refurbished laptops at very good prices. See our Laptops page for details.

Q: Do we buy/sell used parts or computers?
A: We do make some trade-ins, but we rarely have use for used parts and we try to avoid selling them.

Do-It-Yourself Protection

Since the downloads to these tools are often faked and infect your PC we are providing links to the official downloads. These programs are your first line of defense. For any remaining problems, bring your PC to us (or we can come to you) for a more thorough cleaning.

Avast FREE Anti-virus
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
FREE Edition
FREE Edition

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